Roof boards to provide support for the ceiling.

Back to the beds.

This is the top of the mattress.  

I made pockets, cut a slit in the back of each pocket, stuffed it with fiberfill then sewed it back up.

Next, I made a zippered cover for the mattress top then put a 2″ thick piece of memory foam inside.

Finished Mattress

Bunk Beds and finished ceiling

Storage under bottom bunk.

At the back are two lift up compartments for stuff we need but don’t often use.

At the front, Brian made three sliding drawers with lots of storage.



One of biggest heat/cooling loss comes from the windshield and door windows.

The cost of custom made covers was $1,500.00 needless to say, I decided to make ours.

These are the templates I made. The third photo is the different layers of material I used.

The first layer is an outside facing reflective material with attached batting.

The second is Insul-Fleece, a polyester fleece blend which reflects heat or cold back to the source.

The third is quilt batting.

The fourth is cotton with bias tape.

I quilted the layers together, made 14 little button holes then sewed 14 suction cups through the button holes to the back of the windshield piece.

For the door window covers I sewed 40 super strong magnets to the back of the covers.

Magnet covers

Windshield Cover

The little light circles are the head or top of the suction cups

Door Cover

The best place to start this journey is to share with you the building of our Camper Van. This is Part 3 of 4 in our Camper Van build out series.

Windshield from outside