There are two tanks, one for fresh water and one for ‘not so fresh’ water.

Both are securely mounted under the van. 

Our son-in-law, Steve is a very knowledgeable Millwright and was more than happy to help out. 

Here is Steve with his welding equipment cutting a piece of metal for the black water tank.

This is where the piece was that Steve cut out.

I thought it was pretty amazing!

Fitting the black water tank.

Black Water Tank Installed.

It holds 30 gallons and services the shower, kitchen sink and privy ?

Here are some of the wires ready to connect to various places throughout the van.

Brian wired our whole house generator 20 years ago and it’s still going strong.

There are four solar panels on the roof which charge two Lithium Ion Batteries.

We go places that have hookups, especially in the cooler weather, but as long as there

is adequate sun to charge the batteries we have power and are able to camp off the grid.

Plug leading to outside for those times when we have hook-ups.

The Bathroom

The bathroom has a pocket door between the wall and the beds.

Door open…

Door closed.

The best place to start this journey. This is Part 2 of 4 on the Camper Van build out.

Back wall of the bathroom installed.

This is a storage area for the spare tire, screen house, some fold-up chairs and camping gear.

The spare tire originally was housed under the van where the black water tank is now.