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The best place to start this journey is to share with you the building of our Camper Van. 
It has been my dream since the 1970’s to take a cargo van and turn into camper. 
Much like Sportsmobile has been doing since 1961. https://sportsmobile.com

In June of 2017 we purchased a new, Ford Transit Cargo Van with high top and extended body. 
The plan was to have the build finished by time my husband retired in February 2018. 

Preparing for the carport.

We needed a place to protect our new acquisition from the elements and decided on a carport. 

My husband built a base out of old fence posts then ordered 16 tons of ‘crusher run’ gravel to park the van on.

Crusher run gravel delivered.

Once he got it level our Son-in-law lent him a tamping machine which compacted it into a firm base.

I watched ?

The Build Begins

The first step was to insulate the van.

We chose Insulate Brand Insulation and applied it to the sides and ceiling.

Cutting hole for the fans.

He installed two fans one at the front and one where the bathroom will be.

We ordered and installed swivel seat bases from France.

Which allows the seats to turn completely around, giving us a place to sit, eat and relax.

Vinyl floor and running the electric

We ordered the Refrigerator/freezer from Italy. 

This does not run on Propane/AC/DC like most RV fridges but just AC/DC.

It is behind the drivers seat, leaving enough room for the seat to swivel.

He cut two holes for the windows. A small one on the drivers side and a larger one on the passengers side.

These were custom made in Seattle Washington.

Here is the hole cut on the passengers side.

And here is the window installed.

Starting on the cabinets.

This is where the sink will be as well as the counter top.

The square thing with a blue strap around it is a 4 gallon water heater.

We are doing bunk beds.

Each will have an upholstered foam foundation with a separate mattress.

The mattress will have a slipcase which can be removed and washed.

Here is the start on one of the foundations.

Quilt batting added