Inverter and Lithium Ion Batteries

The batteries support the inverter. The inverter converts Direct Current from the batteries into Alternating Current.

At the end of the day we can plug in our electric kettle and have a nice cup of hot tea while being off the grid.

Control Center

Tank Monitor, Battery Monitor and Fuse Panel

Sink, counter top and drawers

Top of Shower

Bottom of Shower

The Privy

Originally we were going to purchase a Composting Toilet and had done extensive research.

Great concept, environmentally friendly, safe to empty, we were both sold on the idea.

THEN….. I watched a video titled “What They Don’t Tell You About Composting Toilets”. 

Not a pretty picture!

We went with the basic RV Marine Toilet.

Bunk Beds

Screen Door

We purchased the screen door from Lowes.

It retracts inside the slender casing you see to the left and closes tightly using a magnetic strip on the right.

Back Storage



I thought I would end this with a summary of our camping roots.

Our first camping experience was in the early 70’s. We were students at Radford University and decided to take a camping trip during summer break. We purchased the classic red, two person pup-tent at Hecks Department store.

Our plan. Start at the northern entrance to Shenandoah National Park, travel down Skyline Drive, continue on the Blue Ridge Parkway then finish at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 

We slept in the tent and our Collie, Chico’ slept in the car.

About 100 miles down The Blue Ridge Parkway we chucked the pup-tent and bought a canvas tent in Roanoke VA.

We finished our journey in what we felt was the Taj Mahal of camping tents.

Sometime in the late 70’s we purchased a 1970 VW bus.

We never camped in it and only slept in it once out of necessity.

The engine had been rebuilt twice and when it blew up for the third time we sold it ‘as is’ on the side of the road.

Over the past 48 years we have had quite a few tents, one pop-up trailer, and two travel trailers.

Our travel companions have been two fantastic dogs, two wonderful kids and lots of friends along the way.

Now we are embarking on a new journey with more adventures to come and one heck of a camper to travel in.

Thank You for taking the time to follow our Van Conversion.

Happy Trails!

Linda & Brian